Softball Program

Santresa Marie is an Arkansas native and isn’t a stranger to the sports world.  She began her athletic career at the age of 5 playing t-ball for the Ouachita County Boys & Girls Club in Camden, AR. She spent the next 10 years playing softball and traveling with her All Star and All District teams to compete.  Santresa played on co-ed teams after graduating high school and then became the coach of her daughter’s softball team when she expressed interested in the sport. Santresa has a passion for sports, team unity and accountability. She challenges her daughter and those around her to grow and become one authentic moment at a time in every area of their lives.

Santresa graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing Management and Minor in Communications. She is an Accountability/Career Coach, Content Creator, Author, Editor, and Training and Development Facilitator. She teaches people how to ensure their unique voice is heard and to be authentic in every area of their lives. Santresa also works with the Arkansas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and helps plan the walks for the Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith areas. Santresa resides in Northwest Arkansas. She is the mother of one amazing daughter, Sydnee McKenna and the godmother to two amazing young women, Briah and Makiya.

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